Frequently asked questions

Here are listed questions and answers that cover the Magento One Step Checkout topics.

Q: Can you tell me more clearly about the refund policy?

A: Depending on Magento vendor’s policy, the refund period can be long or short. Within the time interval, you have rights to take 100% money back whenever you feel unsatisfied. Thus, this is the greatest benefit for you and there is no risk if you use the extension from these Magento vendors.

Q: How to use the import demo button?

A: Along with setting up the layout or color, only need to get the import buttons in the backend which contains the template layout to apply the design immediately. It is so convenient, right?

Q: Does One Step Checkout extension allow giving a gift?

A: That is one of the outstanding strength of One Step Checkout module. Your customer will enter the recipient’s shipping address, especially the nice message might be enclosed to his gift in exact date and time.

Q: How to work social login on the checkout page?

A: One Step Checkout allows integrating with Social Login module well only if you have already installed the Social Login extension. Right after, it is shown on the sign in section comfortably.

Q: Is there any difference between register customer and guests in the checkout process?

A: Yes, there is a huge difference for that. While the clients as guests have to fill manually billing address, the customers who created the account on your store will check out with all available information from their profile. Thus, the registered one can save much more time than the guest in completing the billing address.