Article of Tutorial: Layered Navigation Magento 2 Features

Basing on Magento 2 architecture, Layered Navigation Magento 2 module brings a list of search options to filter needed items from a thousand of products at your store.

Why an improved layered navigation?

In eCommerce business, you need to work with almost strangers who visit your store. So what is the important thing for the strange visitors looking at a new place? It is obviously a clear sitemap or a smart navigator that will direct them to any needed product without wasting much time to find it. With the good map, a whole of your customers won’t get lost anymore, and you can improve online customers’ experience as well.

Today, I come and give you and all store owners a good news that can allow you to solve the existing difficulty in search help - Improved your Layered Navigation from Magento 2 platform. To restrict any inconvenience, on the left sidebar, the layered navigation not only provides multiple filterable attributes with different values but it also reduces time considerably when integrating Ajax technology. Ajax means there is only reloading the search results instead of whole current page and all changes are ínstantly updated without any redirection.

By now, Magento 2 Layered Navigation have been launched for a long time and even gets many positive feedbacks from the user. So why not you are next person? Don’t go anyway unless you are clear about the usefulness for your clients that I am going to mention to in the below.

Dig deeper with the main reason

Under my view, search speed is more important than checkout process in an online store. Why say this? Imagine customers know and visit your home page not any page of the specific product or they simply want to find an alternative product with the better choice. Suppose that a medium black T-shirts is needed here. Even though the default filter allows searching by product attributes one by one, it is not enough either smart or convenient for them to get the best item in the shortest way. Thus, how the customers can continue with the checkout step since the search is not finished perfectly. After all, you need to modernize and speed up the product search in order to pave the way for loyal customers.

Robust Layered Navigation features

Focusing on estimating unnecessary time, Ajax - an advanced technology on the world is integrated into Layered Navigation Magento 2. With instant loading, there is no page to be called for reloading.

Robust Layered Navigation features

In addition, when filtering on this great navigation, your customers feel free to choose more than one product attributes like looking for both sizes, colors and materials with different options for each without any rejection of attributes. Combining multiple values with Ajax technology, all of the relevant search items appear at the same time on the current page. The changes only occur on the display section of the search results while the rest of the page is maintained. Thanks to that, the load is reduced and that’s reason why the time is cut down considerably.

Especially, the price is also the essential factor if considering the product. For better innovation, fixed range in the drop-down list is no longer supported, and a flexible price slider is used. The price range will be defined when the customer moves the starting and ending point of the slider.

Flexible price slider is used

In summary, by the featured points, Magento 2 Layered Navigation module improve your site and fasten the search better than the standard Magento navigation does.

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